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Conductor ACCC Gdansk

Conductor ACCC Gdansk

Product name:Conductor ACCC Gdansk



Code name Gdansk
Mechanical Specifications    Metric   Imperial
Nominal Aluminum Cross-sectional Area* 248.8 mm2 491.0 kcmil
Nominal Diameter of Composite Core (CTC Part Number 200-003) 5.97 mm 0.235 in.
Nominal Cross-sectional Area of Core 28.0 mm2 0.043 in2
Overall Diameter of Conductor 19.20 mm 0.756 in.
Nominal Cross-sectional Area of the Conductor 276.8 mm2 0.429 in2
Ultimate Tensile Strength of Conductor1,2 74.5 kN 16.7 kips
Rated Strength of Core - 313 ksi (2158 MPa) 60.4 kN 13.6 kips
Core Nominal Mass per unit length 54 kg/km 36 lb/kft
Conductor Nominal Mass per unit length 742.6 kg/km 499.1 lb/kft
Aluminum Nominal Mass per unit length** 688.6 kg/km 462.8 lb/kft
Maximum Allowable Operating Temperature at Surface4 180 356
Coefficient of Linear Expansion Above Thermal Kneepoint 1.61E-06 / 8.94E-07 /
Coefficient of Linear Expansion Below Thermal Kneepoint 1.92E-05 / 1.07E-05 /
Final Modulus of Elasticity Above Thermal Kneepoint 112.3 GPa 16.3 Msi
Final Modulus of Elasticity Below Thermal Kneepoint 63.5 GPa 9.2 Msi
Electrical Specifications    Metric   Imperial
Nominal Resistivity of Aluminum at 20ºC, DC 63% IACS 0.1126 ohm/km 0.1812 ohm/mile
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance 0.00403   0.00403  
Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
AC Nominal Resistance at 25ºC 0.1153 ohm/km 0.1859 ohm/mile
AC Nominal Resistance at 75ºC 0.1379 ohm/km 0.2222 ohm/mile
AC Nominal Resistance at 180ºC 0.1854 ohm/km 0.2986 ohm/mile
AC Current Rating at Given Temperature3   706 @ 100C & 50 Hz
  1047 @ 180C & 50 Hz
GMR (estimated) 0.01 m 0.0000 ft
Inductive Reactance 0.665 ohm/km 1.284 ohm/mile
Capacitive Reactance 0.198 Mohm-km 0.103 Mohm-mile

  • ACCC® conductor is produced with 1350 O-tempered aluminum. The nominal H-19 Aluminum equivaelnt area is 256.1 sq. mm (505.4 kcmil).
  • ACCC® Conductors are required to exhibit lay lengths (ratios) that conform to ASTM B 857 or EN 50540.
1) Based on 96% of the annealed aluminum minimum tensile strength given in ASTM B 609 and EN 50540.
2) Strength at ambient temperature.
3) Conditions: 2 ft/s (0.61 m/s) wind, 0 ft (0 m) Elevation, 0.5 Emis. 0.5 absorp. 40°C Ambient  temperature, 96 W/sq. ft (1033 W/sq. m) sun radiation.
4) Maximum continuous operating temperature of ACCC® is 180°C and a maximum emergency temperature of 200°C (10,000 hours over the life of the conductor).
  • The information contained herein is offered in good faith. The actual configuration of a given size may vary between conductor manufacturers and may result in slight variations in some of the indicated values.


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