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Power Grid restores electricity supply to valley

Author: Date:1/6/2014 8:27:57 PM
2014/01/06 09:20:44 Source:《hindu stan times》

Power Grid Corporation of India engineers, in assistance with the Indian Air Force (IAF), restored power supply to Kashmir valley on Saturday evening. The electric supply from 400-Kilovolt (KV) Kishenpur-Wagoora transmission line was badly affected due to heavy snowfall since December 31.

The transmission line was damaged and power transmission in one of its circuits (circuit-I) was affected from January 4.

Power Grid made a special team headed by chief manager (Batote) Arshad Khan, chief manager (Wagoora) SM Dar and manager (OS) Mohammad Farooq who organised their teams at Batote, Wagoora and Jammu.

The six-member team of Devinder Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Kansara Singh, Narinder Kumar, Chankar Singh and Ashwani Kuma was dropped by the IAF choppers at the desired location amidst high velocity winds and hostile weather condition.

The line was charged on Sunday afternoon and 500 megawatts of electricity was supplied to the valley. The entire operation was being monitored by general manager (operation and maintenance) KR Suri.

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